• Slade Kemmet
    Slade Kemmet National Geographic Explorer

    Slade Kemmet is a National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker, and photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    With a background in Journalism and Cinema, his career has allowed him to meet amazing people around the world and create powerful stories. In addition to his collaborations with NGOs, nonprofits, and the United States Forrest Service, Slade routinely works with PBS to create long and short form documentary pieces on the topics of arts, culture, and history.

    With a passion for wildlife photography and videography, Slade is always looking for any excuse to get out in the field. His most exciting experiences include photographing and filming brown bears in Alaska, elk and fox in Rocky Mountain National Park, bison and brown bears in Yellowstone, bighorn sheep in Badlands National Park, and countless birds throughout the Midwest.

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